Couple’s Beach Wedding Interrupted as Groom saves Drowning Swimmer


I love stories like this! Thankfully everyone is okay. It was a red flag day at the beach and the Groom knew how dangerous it would be, but he didn’t hesitate to swim out to save the drowning boy. My hat’s off to him!


Zac Edwards had just married wife Cindy on Orange Beach, in Alabama, when someone shouted that a teenager was in trouble in the water so he swam out to rescue the boy.

Zac Edwards, 37, was posing for pictures with bride Cindy Edwards, 32, on Orange Beach, in Alabama, when a woman noticed a teenager struggling in the water

Jamel Robinson, 18 (center), had been boogie boarding in the water when he was dragged out to sea by a strong current and was unable to swim back

Zac managed to swim out to Robinson and keep him afloat until rescuers, who were initially busy saving someone else on the same beach, could bring them back to shore

Zac, who works at the Coast Guard, helped prop the teenager up on his boogie board to stop him from going underwater while the fire department rushed to the scene.


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