Here’s what you really need to have a great passive income


The secret to making money online isn’t really a secret at all. The formula has been around for a long time now:

  1. You need a product, a service (or both) in an evergreen niche that you either own or represent as an affiliate. This product or service should have a recuring income stream, like a monthly or yearly fee. This way, your one sale pays you again and again.
  1. You need a market for that product or service. In other words, you need a large number of people who are actively buying that (or a similar) product or service.
  1. You need a method that you have mastered to capture the attention of potential buyers while they are online and direct that traffic toward your offer.
  1. You need a sales funnel to capture the contact information from as much of that traffic as possible. This way you can follow up with them while you build your list of subscribers. The money is in the list!
  1. You will most likely need a website, if for no other reason than to host your sales funnel, and a mailing service (autoresponder) to manage your list of subscribers.

These five necessities, (and lots of goodies), are all explained in detail inside this New Passive Income System.

Get in now while the getting in is good: