Japan Will Have The World’s First Artificial Meteor Shower By 2020


This sounds incredibly cool and incredibly dangerous, but I for one would love to witness it happen.

40 years ago, I read about strung together reflective discs that could be deployed in space and create giant images in the night sky as they reflected sunlight, like the moon. There was even talk of McDonald’s arches moving in orbit across the sky at night. How romantic!

No this? What do you think. Please let me know in the comments below.

A Japanese start-up developing “shooting stars on demand” says it will be ready to deliver the world’s first artificial meteor shower in a spectacular show over Hiroshima in early 2020.

ALE, based in Tokyo, is in the final stages of developing two micro-satellites that will release tiny balls that glow brightly as they enter the atmosphere, simulating a meteor shower. The first satellite will hitch a ride into space on a rocket being launched by Japan’s space agency by March 2019.

“We are targeting the whole world, as our stockpile of shooting stars will be in space and can be delivered across the world,” ALE chief executive Lena Okajima told reporters on Wednesday.    Read more…

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