Mollie Tibbetts found dead


This is a tragedy for her family and the community. People go missing every day, but every now and then one of those cases makes the national news.

Was it because she was a young white girl? Some would say yes. I think Family Guy did a parody of that theory. Was it the $400,000 reward? Or maybe a combination of both? Either way, it is a sad day, as many of us had hoped she would turn up alive and well.


The body of missing college student Mollie Tibbetts was found Tuesday, her father and two sources told Fox News, bringing an end to an intensive search that lasted more than a month and captured national headlines.

RIP Mollie. I just read they caught the person who killed you. He confessed and led police to your body. We won’t mention his name, just that he was yet another illegal lien predator that was allowed into our country to kill to kill you.

We will be updating this report as more info becomes available.