MORTGAGE – Getting The Best Deal On Your Loan


This write up provides detailed information about mortgage and how you can make the best use of your property.  So keep reading.

By definition, mortgage is a contract in which borrowers can pledge their property as a security for a loan. The need of individuals varies and they wish to fulfill them through mortgages.

Mortgage caters to diverse group of people. There are diverse options of mortgages available in the finance market. However, it is important you choose the loan that is most appropriate for you, because in case of mortgage, your property is at stake.

Mortgage Options Available In the Market

Below are some mortgage options presently available in the market:

  • Council Right to buy mortgage

This is a mortgage for public housing tenants who desire buying their property under the Right To Buy Scheme. With this scheme, tenants are allowed to purchase their homes at a discount price.

  • Buy-to-let mortgage

This is a form of mortgage available to individuals who wish to let their home on hire and get rentals from the tenants. Mortgage lenders of Buy-to-let mortgage are banks, building societies and specialists.

  • First time buyer

First time buyer mortgage is available to first time buyers, intending buying a home for the first time.

  • Self Cert Mortgage

With this mortgage, a borrower discloses his income statement and the lender verifies for its accuracy. Self cert mortgage help borrowers consolidate all their debts into a single low monthly payment.

  • Flexible Mortgage

Flexible Mortgage makes it possible for borrowers to vary their monthly repayments. A borrower can over-pay or under-pay on the mortgage without incurring charges.

  • Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage is designed for retired homeowners as a method of supplementing their income.

Lenders can be sought in the newspapers or Internet. When you meet them, don’t just take immediate decision, but shop, compare and negotiate. You can also consult experts for guidance on this issue. This will enable you minimize the potential risks involved.

In the event that you have a poor credit history, mortgage arrears, a low credit score, no bank account, defaults, county court judgments, a history of payment arrears, or having declared bankrupt, you can still obtain a loan by mortgaging your property. You are not restricted to take a loan.

The interest rate associated with a home mortgage is comparatively lower than that of an unsecured loan.

A mortgage can work great for you. It is highly essential to search for the best deal. To successfully achieve this, it is expected you shop, compare and negotiate among various lenders.

Finally, you should make the best out of your property because the interest rate charged when you mortgage your home is very low compared to what is charged on an unsecured loan.

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