On ‘sacred soil,’ Trump Honors those who’ve fallen in service


Maybe we can put politics aside for the day and honor our heroes who died for their country and for us to enjoy our freedom to disagree.

ARLINGTON, Va. — President Donald Trump paid a Memorial Day tribute at Arlington National Cemetery to those who have fallen in battle or while protecting a nation forever thankful for their selfless service. His solemnity contrasted with a self-promotional tweet earlier Monday in which he said fallen soldiers would be “very proud and happy at how well our country is doing today,” citing the economy and low unemployment.

The commander in chief, speaking before an audience of Cabinet members, military leaders, veterans and families assembled in the marble amphitheater near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, said, “We mourn alongside their families and we strive to be worthy of their sacrifice.”

Trump said he came to the “sacred soil” of Arlington “to honor the lives and deeds of America’s greatest heroes” — the men and women who laid down their lives so that others could be free.


Via msn.com

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