Public meeting to argue oversight of lab-grown meat


People all over the world struggle with guilt over eating slaughterhouse meat. So many of us were raised on it and it seems options to replace it just don’t satisfy. The idea of meat protein grown in a lab is exciting and could satisfy our taste for meat in a very humane manor.

Lab-grown meat is exactly what it sounds like, beef made straight from the test tube. Cultured meat is achieved by collecting the stem cells of animals and are multiplied using “non-traditional food technologies.”

The animal cell culture industry has been in development since the early 2000s but start-up companies believe they’re ready to place the product on the market by 2020. FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb said in a statement that the technology for “cultured meat” could open the door to developing other unconventional food products.

However, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) says the USDA should regulate this new kind of meat. Danielle Beck, NCBA director of Government Affairs wrote in a statement that the group looks forward to their participation in the public meeting to advocate for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), an agency of the USDA.

Other organizations like the United State’s Cattlemen Association (USCA) have argued that “in-vitro meat” is not actually meat. Earlier this year, the USCA filed a petition to the USDA arguing that cultured meat should not be labeled as meat because of nature of how it is made.

The FDA hopes to address these concerns in the meeting and evaluate “new areas of food innovation and establishing guidelines on how new technology can safely advance.”


The cattle industry is an environmental disaster and hopefully it’s days are numbered!