Smoothies For Runners



Are you a runner who​​ is unimpressive​​ with his or her poor running performance?​​ You need not be discouraged because there is a​​ secret​​ weapon available in this write up, which will not only help you overcome this challenge, but will also help you to run a little further and faster too. This weapon is known as smoothies.

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Sincerely, smoothies will enhance your running performance because they incorporate powerful and amazing ingredients which​​ will bring you back on track and give you total restoration. These ingredients will be discussed below:

​​ Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are base ingredients in smoothies. These potent and rich seeds give smoothies texture that is smooth and creamy. Chia seeds are what differentiate a rich smoothie from just a mere fruit cocktail.

Chia seeds​​ help to hold water and possess hydration properties;​​ hence, highly​​ required by runners. They have the property of absorbing large amounts of water and can swell beyond their normal volume. When you consume them, this huge volume of water will be released into your body to hydrate you.​​ 

No wonder the Native American ‘Tarahumara Tribe’ can consistently run long distances without getting tired or dehydrated.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is another potent ingredient in smoothies which a long– distant​​ runner requires to run a little bit further and faster.​​ 

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As a performance enhancer, it helps to dilate the blood vessels (arteries and veins). This dilation aids​​ smooth and more blood flow across the body. This is why the beetroot juice is being popularly referred to as a natural vasodilator.​​ 

As a runner, consuming beetroot juice will help to remove accumulated body fats, enhance heavy breathing and helps in massive intake of oxygen.​​ 

A​​ large number of​​ athletes have​​ considered​​ beetroot juice their favorite,​​ due to these​​ outstanding​​ functions.​​ 


Red Grapes

Red grapes are powerful antioxidants that incorporate an active​​ ingredient known as resveratrol.​​ Besides, they assist the mitochondria to function well.

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Mitochondria are a prominent part of a cell that act as the power house.​​ They​​ make it possible for you to utilize the ATP. When you have more mitochondria in your cell, it will enable you to run at great speed without tiring out.​​ Hence, the inclusion of red grapes​​ in your smoothies is an added advantage.

Protein Shake

Many people believe that protein shake is limited to bodybuilders.​​ This is not so.​​ 

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Runners can also find it extremely useful because running is highly essential for fat burning.

But running also burns muscles. This is somehow dangerous for the body. Consumption of protein prior running will help in muscles protection.

Green Tea

Green tea is an energy booster. It contains caffeine,​​ which increases the heart rate and metabolism.​​ Besides, it boosts energy.

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This is why a large number of performance enhancing supplements and pre-workouts contain caffeine.​​ 


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