The Green Smoothie Cleanse Review


Anyone who knows me knows that I need to hire someone to follow me around and knock the junk food out of my hands before I can eat it.

I already had a heart attack a few years ago and it became obvious to everyone, including myself, that I was on my way to having another one. I absolutely HAD to do something, but a major change in diet probably just wasn’t going to happen. But under mounting pressure form my family I decided to do at least one thing at a time that was healthy. I would replace just one bad habit at a time with a good habit and if all went according to plan I would ease myself into a more healthy lifestyle.

My fist task was to replace morning coffee as the first thing I had to drink with a smoothie. If I still wanted coffee after that I could have one cup. That sounded doable to me.

Have you ever tried to quit drinking coffee, if it is something you have done every morning for years? I have done it before and it SUCKED! I had headaches and grumpiness. It’s a wonder I didn’t kill someone. I stopped for years but took it up again after having my brain out of my head, playing with it, and forgetting to put it back in.

I didn’t know much about smoothies. I had made them in the past but they wouldn’t be something I considered healthy and certainly not something I would drink in the morning since they usually contained rum.

So a friend suggested green smoothies in the morning. Green smoothies? The two words didn’t sound like they even belonged together. But I understood the enormous health benefits of greens. I just wasn’t a green kinda guy. My friend assured me that I wouldn’t even taste them in the right smoothie recipes and that they actually enhanced the flavor of a smoothie. He turned me onto a free green smoothie report and I gave it a shot.

It was life changing! I went on to order the full green smoothie guidebook. BEST money I ever spent! In fact, I liked it so much I purchase the publishing rights and have the free report and the full course right here on I will include a link below.

So what was so great about it? Well, I didn’t fall in love with the idea overnight, that’s for sure. I think I may have gone as far as to say “bullshit. This isn’t going to be something I do every morning”, but I had promised my wife and myself that I would do it for at least 90 days.

The smoothies were actually good and I could instantly feel my body absorbing them into my system. I know that sounds impossible, but it’s true. I could actually feel my body open up to it. By the end of the first week I could feel my body actually WANT that morning green smoothie.

Now, being somewhat lazy, I generally use frozen fruit and fresh greens. But why not frozen fruit? It gives me a cold smoothie without needing to ad ice. One less ingredient!

I used to still have a cup of coffee for a while, but I lost any desire for it naturally, without the withdrawal symptoms like I had previously. I had more energy and no crash with the green smoothies and coffee just went away on its own.

I have a free PDF on getting started with green smoothies. It will give you everything you need to know to get started. I will even send you some of my favorite smoothie recipes. The PDF report also includes a link to get the complete Green Smoothie Guidebook for 80% off. That comes to $7, if you decide you want the best guidebook anywhere on the art of making the perfect smoothie.

My next habit to replace is the morning breakfast as the first thing I eat. I now have a few vitamins and supplements with my morning green smoothie. I hate swallowing pills. I always said i would rather die than choke down pills every day. I still don’t take prescription medicine of any kind, but the vitamins and supplements go down easy with a smoothie. Some even get mixed into the blend!

I look forward to sending you the free report and some recipes!

Dale Ryan


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