Vince McMahon putting 500 million of his own money into XFL reboot


I have been a Kansas City Chiefs fan since I was old enough to feel disappointment. The Chiefs were one of the teams in the ALF, a league started by the Chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt. A rich guy with enough money to chase his dream of competing with the NFL. Most people thought the project was doomed. Nobody can compete with the NFL, right?

McMahon tried this once before, remember? It had it’s fun side, but maybe a bit too fun for most people. This was sport and sport is serious business. McMahon has vowed to tone it down this time around.

There’s no questioning that McMahon is a smart businessman, as his success with the WWE is the primary reason he has an estimated net worth of around $3 billion. Some think he’s crazy for not learning his lesson when the XFL failed the first time, but McMahon’s financial commitment is an indication of how determined he is.